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Durable Door, Fridge & Drawer Safety Locks (10 pieces)

Durable Door, Fridge & Drawer Safety Locks (10 pieces)

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  • SGS CERTIFIED - Kids Safety Neworks safety cabinet locks is made of well healthy and eco-friendly ABS material and 100% non-toxic and no smell which will let your baby and child live healthier and safer.
  • ROTARY BUCKLE DESIGN  - This design leads to the ease of use, no cutting or adjustments needed, you just peel and install. You just need to spin it around and click it on. 
  • PRESS TYPE BUCKLE - It is super simple for adults to maneuver and use but complicated enough where the kids and pets can't go through everything.
  • ULTRASONIC BONDING TECHNIQUES - Using ultrasonic bonding makes all the parts of the lock fused together. No matter how to pull it, the two small top pieces of the lock will never split up. Safest by so far compared to the other brand products .You need not worry about your kids putting them into their mouth.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE - The adhesives are very strong as the 3M tape just wasn't strong enough for us so we researched and found an even stronger adhesives to keep our toddlers out of harms way. (You can pull this off by applying some heat (blow dryer) for a minute or two and it comes off easily.)


Most parents eagerly anticipate the day when their children begin to crawl but soon learn that their children's newfound mobility can expose the child to a world of dangers. 
Children love to explore, and a closed cabinet door will peak their natural curiosity.
In most households cabinets contain cleaning products, insecticides, medications and other products that could be harmful to your baby if ingested or inhaled. 
In addition to these harmful products, cabinets themselves pose a threat to your child. They can slam shut and pinch your child's fingers.

That's why it's important to babyproof your home before your child becomes mobile.
Therefore, we will recommend you a safety lock for kids and children, which can secure your cabinets from your baby's curious fingers, and keep cabinets, drawers, cupboard and appliance doors closed.