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Our Downloadable Childproofing Guide


You may have heard people telling you that the best way to start childproofing your home, is to get down on your knees. As silly as it sounds, it’s the only way for you to see things from your baby’s perspective which will ensure your home is safe.

Childproofing or baby-proofing is often thought to only apply to baby’s and toddlers, however accidental injury is the main cause of death in children 14 years old and younger. More than a third of these injuries occur inside the home.

The risk is higher for younger kids naturally because that’s where they spend most of their time.

The number one preventative measure to decrease the risk of injuries in the home is supervision. However even the most alert parents cannot keep children completely out of harm’s way each and every second of the day. Accidents do happen.

Here at Kids Safety Network, we are offering a free downloadable guide to childproofing your home.

It contains 8 chapters of expert advice, ranging from topics on Fires, Toxic Substances, Blind Cord Safety, Water and many more.


  1. Everyday Items Needed To Childproof Your Home
  2. Top 10 Toddler Safety Tips For The Home
  3. Preventing Falls (Safety Gates)
  4. Windows And Blind Cord Danger
  5. Water Safety Toxic Substances
  6. Fire Safety Tips For Parents

We've also included the additional bonuses:

  1. Emergency Contact Numbers
  2. Childproofing Checklist
  3. Top Kids Safety Network articles
  4. Top Recalls to watch out for


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